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Arke Promotions or Ark e Promotions founded in 1972 by John and Janet Brumby

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This Vision for Arke Promotions as it is here seen on this website is to create a wonderful experience that will go on being remembered for a long period of

time, but that experience is not just to be found here, it only begins here.

As with any vision they do not just grow up overnight into something incredible, but they usually take blood sweat and tears to be actually born.

Therefore this vision has taken seven long years to come into existence. with many failed earlier attempts on the way to its credit 
(or demerit).

Yet I am reminded of that passage from the Bible that says "Where there is no vision the people perish".

So if we can but do just one thing right, and that being to point out that you should never give up on any vision you have, but that you should stick with it all the way until it really finally comes into being.



What then is this vision? For surely the vision cannot just be some great experience, but it must also have content, direction and purpose.

Amazingly the vision took a very different turn than we thought of in the first place in that brought into existence first of all the site
Music For Dummies where you will find all of that content, direction and purpose we said we needed.

So suddenly this website has a very new purpose so as to make it point to Music For Dummies, and in a sense it has a new vision, yet really it is still the old one.

But the vision does not end there because in those long years two other sites came into existence that are named Arke Ministries and Hidden Truth Music, the latter is a .org as somebody has a band with that name.

We must also stick with the original vision that boldly states "Journeying Together * Bridging Nations"

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