Arke Promotions Organization

Arke Promotions or Ark e Promotions founded in 1972 by John and Janet Brumby

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The Bible tells us that we should store up treasures in Heaven, where neither moth nor rust can destroy.

Yet we at Arke Promotions are aware that we must have means to live while we are on this earth.



Therefore we do have items that can be seen as store items that can be found in our website Music For Dummies

So we have also opportunities for people to create income for themselves such as
getting their own music store.

Also we promote on our website
our own artists that are using the Enter Into Our World Network.

You will also find many more downloads at our other music stores "
Music For Dummies" and "Arkebiz"

As more things become available they will be added to those presented here.

But we need to keep our hearts focused on the things of heaven that are eternal.