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There are times in life when we need to learn to pray just like a little child

Angle of Mercy



It is interesting to note that 'God help me to find a job that I can like?' takes first position in searches for God’s help on the Internet.

 Try this link for jobs if you are in Australia or the USA

I am sure that there will be others like it in certain other countries or on the Net also

From this I can understand that a lot of people are quite unhappy with the job they already have or the one they had to give up.


Coming in second there are those who search for 'God where do I find a job?'

These people show that they are more desperate and are more prepared to take any job even the ones that the others do not like.


Very quickly the numbers related with other searches go down for coming in at number three is 'Find machine embroidery design of boy in army clothes with words I belong to God?'


‘Wow !’ we are now asking for the seemingly impossible because army clothes are army clothes and are designed to try to hide the one wearing them and not meant to carry advertising. I do not think I would find it on ‘Wow’ the latest craze in war games etc on the Internet.


So as I move onto number four the searches become even more strange 'Book where they find grocery list and think its from God?”


I wonder if somebody actually found their missing grocery list in a book they suddenly picked up and then actually thanked God.


The whole issues are that we start too late to seek God’s help in the right way, and the next thing is that we find ourselves in a big mess.


This gets worse because it goes wrong from the top (not God) but from government level.

For find me a government who really puts God first and truly seeks His help over anything.


Yes I have had it said to me that God gave us brains to use to get things fixed, and to that I replied and what a mess we have made using them.


The point is I really do care about those that do not have jobs or find themselves in one they cannot enjoy, because I have been there and done it myself.


So in reality the websites Arke Ministries and Arke Ministries Organization International

To those we can add All Christian Jobs

Are designed to begin showing us the way that will get God to be on our side, and how to know how to begin to pray in effective ways.


See also the website - John Brumby for Biography of the writer.