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Arke Promotions or Ark e Promotions founded in 1972 by John and Janet Brumby

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This Vision for Arke Promotions includes being part of the ministry of Arke Ministries. So we are including a page on purpose,noting that there is a website called Arke Promotions - Arke Ministries where they are combinrd together as one administration.

Therefore Arke Promotions covers the business side of the ministry and Arke Ministries covers the ministry and charity side of the ministry.

So if we need to sell items such as Bibles or religios items plus music, we can do all that seperately through the business Arke Promotions. Then if we are dealing with donations they go through Arke MMinistries Organization International that is registered as a Not for Profit organization.

Therefore we can keep administration for all taxation purposes quite simple.

From hereon we intend keeping things quite simple.We remain with the original vision that boldly states "Where there is no vision the people perish".



So if we can but do just one thing right, and that being to point out that you should never give up on any vision you have, but that you should stick with it all the way until it really finally comes into being.

We have links to other ministries that we associate with and even manage websites such as The Church Under The Big Top where you will find, the direction and purpose of that ministy.

So we are very much involved in a network including with Enter Into Our World which is a great resource website for ministries.

So I repeat here that the purpose of the vision does not end there because in those long years many other sites hav come into existence that are now in operation such as Prayer Warrior and then a biography John Brumby Biography,

This is to bring background to the owners of this website. We have even included our pets over the years as they have been a big part of our lives.

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